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Web-based Solution Deltaflow is a zero installation solution. No special software is required - the product will work in any browser and becomes an Internet/Intranet application which can provide workflow management for as few or as many users as an organization may require.
Real-Time Status Customers or employees can submit forms online and review their status at any time.
Work Assignment Work may be assigned to an individual or a usergroup containing many users.
Automatic Routing Upon completion of each step, the workflow form is automatically routed to the next user or group for processing.
File Attachements Supporting files may be attached to forms.
Email Notification Each task assignee is immediately notified via email when an assigned workflow step becomes active. Subsequent task assignees are notified upon each step completion, until the task is closed.
Task Delegation Should an employee be absent or does not have time to complete a task, a supervisor can manually redistribute the task.
Task Escalation A task may automatically escalate to another user if it does not get completed by a certain timeframe. This process can help maintain Service Level Agreements (SLA).
Task Prioritization Deltaflow sorts and prioritizes tasks for each user. Users will know which tasks need urgent attention. You will no longer have to worry about important tasks being buried beneath a pile of papers.
Auto-Flow Some forms will not require user processing, such as Customer Surveys. This will allow forms to be completed automatically without user intervention.
Form Search Deltaflow offers powerful ad-hoc search capabilities by Initiator, Assignee, Title, Reference #, Date Received, Date Completed.
Audit Trail The audit trail provides you with the capability to keep track of your work after it leaves your desk. This information can be viewed in a report.
Web-based Reporting Web-based reporting is available to help administrators track processes.
Export Export any report or form into XML, MS Excel or MS Word format.
Form/Report Security Control and manage access to each form and report according to the pre-assigned security access level.
SSL Encryption Deltaflow uses 128-bit encryption, public/private key technology to provide you the highest level of security when routing information.

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