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Deltaflow is a powerful Web-based electronic form automation solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms.

Deltaflow is simply the fastest way for organizations to put all their corporate forms online to automate the mission and business critical processes they drive.

Improved Customer Service Consistency in the processes leads to greater predictability in levels of response to customers.
Streamlined Business Processes Automation of business processes results in the elimination of many unnecessary steps.
Coordinated Teamwork Enables the management of work and information flows within and beyond team members.
Eliminates Data Errors Form validations are incorporated at the form and database level.
Reduced Paperwork Paperwork and paper-chasing are eliminated.
Comprehensive Audit Trail Receiving and storing incoming information from multiple sources to a centralized database creates a fact-based audit trail.

 Industries covered include: 
 - Financial Services
 - Manufacturing
 - Government
 - Telecommunications
 - Professional Services
 - Education

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